STOP THE MADNESS- Say NO to Beiseker, Ab . Land Use Bylaw Amendment

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In November of 2018 the Village of Beiseker Council voted in favour of accepting to hear G-M Pearsons development proposal. The land in question would have to pass land use bylaw amendment to allow for development.  The public was not informed or given any information in regards to said proposed development until September 16, 2019 and are opposed to said Bylaw Land Use Amendment .

Proposed development info- Following the public being informed G.M Pearson held 2 information sessions September 19 and 21 at Beiseker Community Center where they blatantly lied to people about known fact, laughed at community members for their personal experience posted on social media and handed out personal insults because the were unable to answer the questions that were asked of them.

A Public hearing is scheduled for October 15 at Beiseker Community Center 7pm were residents can express their opposition to the proposed Land Use Amendment. This is the same day that Civil decides whether they will allow G-M Pearson special zoning to the land use Bylaw for the Incinerator development and then the project can move forward to the next steps. The residents of Beiseker and surrounding communities feel they have been shut out and with very short notice to object in attempt it seems to push this Land Use Amendment through with minimal public input/discourse . 

More and more companies are abusing the financial situations small towns have. They try to move the dirty/hazardous industry into the country as small town(s) are more eager to have the revenue rather being concerned about life quality and the cleanup afterwards. The Village of Beiseker and its three surrounding communities would all be effected by the toxins released by the proposed plant. Our concern is for the health and welfare of our families. We have cause for concern given the companies poor track record.

Facts- The company G-M Pearson was shut down in 2015 do to numerous regulatory emissions infractions and has since been denied to build elsewhere. The Ryley Alberta Plant proposal was opposed and turned down in 2015. Dating back to 2007 G-M Pearson caused a million dollar fire because of mishandling waste. 2013 G-M Pearson was fine for exceeding Alberta emissions standards.

The incinerators used generate two kinds of ash and they only test one, the one that doesn't have the bulk of the toxins! 90% of the toxins are in the second type of ash and the regulations do not test these regularly.

Studies done on the long term effects of new drugs are minimal and testing the effects of incinerating tubing, vials etc. minimal at best for these drugs (do they even have to show long-term effects or do long-term study on this??). I for one do not want my family to be guinea pigs and find out 20 years from now  that cancer, infertility etc. comes to the surface because they realize that it should not have been done in the first place. Even if there was a .0001% chance of the scrubbers malfunctioning or emissions being deemed dangerous, or improper disposal and dumping happens. I don't have to be a medical professional or an expert on emissions to recognize how many times factories like this have left illness and contamination in their wake!  Please help keep our communities safe. Do not approve the Land Use Amendment 

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