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I'm recently disabled and DHS no longer wants reunification

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I was involved in a car wreck that took my boyfriend's life and I became a Paraplegic July 22nd. I'll start by saying that DHS has switched from reunification to giving custody to his father. Having a chair attached to me has been automatically considered that I can't parent my child. I believe The ADA bands discrimination with people who have a disability. I shouldn't receive fewer benefits soley on the basis of my disability. Such as keeping the Primary Custody I've had since his birth. Health and human service and department of justice released important guidance on states on protecting the rights of parents and protective parents with disabilities the agencies bringing together the federal child welfare and disability rights offices to jointly ensure the safety permanence, and well-being of children while protecting the rights of parents right and parents with disabilities. In court it was stated that they have never had to deal with a case such as mine because it happened in an open case. I believe it should go back to normal with me parenting my child without seeing me as a disabled mother but a mother that still does everything for my child and if given more time it will only get better. The reports before my injury from FSRP were never that bad but now I receive no communication with my DHS worker. I even get yelled at by my FSRP. The control they have to remove him out of my care is wrong. They don't know how to handle a case like mine. If Jaime gets custody he can leave back to mexico because he is not legal. I would never get to see him again. I also believe that they look upon us as less then. We are all people. So far both my workers have belittled me. Lied on my reports. I don't get that I see my DHS worker once a month for 10 minutes, or my fsrp during my 1hr &half where you both sit on the phone. With the little time they see me they don't know what I'm capable of.  The court made court orders to give me additional time and that was a month ago. I believe that DHS should help the parents and children. I have done everything without the help of DHS. But with the resources they have why cant they help provide adjustments. I have no holidays with my son because it became his dads time. Although I don't get to see my child hardly ever. Yes I am in a wheelchair. I still have arms and everything above chest. I want people to sign if you believe I can still paremt and deserve custody of my son.

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