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Indicate a reasonable amount in School Lunch Plate

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In 2015, 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away in the world. It means one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. In the increasingly high food waste, some of the main culprits are schools. Schools are wasting huge amount of food and now it’s time to distress how to reduce food waste at school.


I am eighteen years old student living in Korea. I have made a lot leftover during 10 years of my school life. However, after learning about the destruction of environment by food waste I thought schools and students need a change. This change doesn’t have to big. Just a simple change at school lunch plate can help students reduce the leftover. Therefore, I want Beijing schools to be a starting line to combat food waste, and indicating reasonable amount in school lunch plates can be one of the solutions. 


Some Korean students made a good idea to solve the wasting lunch problem. They looked for the reason why students made leftover and found the reason. It was hard to measure the quantity. So they made a good solution that drew a reasonable amount line in school lunch plate. And it worked. By this solution, indicating reasonable amount in school lunch plates, students could control the amount they eat and in Yangjung middle school, in Korea, reduced 70 percent of leftover. The plates, indicated reasonable amount, were offered to several schools in Korea such as Cheongshim international middle school, Pohang Yeongil high school, and Gangwon Education Office.


In 2011, China ranked second largest economy country in the world. Rising of household incomes, urban populations, and overall food consumption, China faces serious problems of food waste. According to Worldwatch Institute, over 200 billion Yuan’s (US$32 billion) worth of food is thrown away annually. Therefore, China has responsibility to protect the environment as the 2nd largest economy country.      


Estimated food waste at schools in the whole Beijing city, 98.6 tons of food was wasted for each meal, and it costs¥1.97 million. It’s about eighteen thousand dollars. Beijing comprises a large amount of food waste in China.   


China and Korea are similar with eating habits. They both usually eat rice and soups. Also China has the most similar school lunch plate with Korea. Thus it is the most suitable country that can apply the idea, drawing a reasonable line in school lunch plate. Moreover, drawing a line in lunch plate is much cheaper than replacing new lunch plate. It is practical and effective solution that can help reducing food waste in school.


This simple line tells students how reasonable amount is a positive step in reducing leftover at schools in Beijing, China. Also, by reducing leftover, China can become a front leader of protecting environment.


Indicating a reasonable amount in school lunch plate is simple and economical solution. Especially, China is sharing many similarities with Korea, so China can bring the most effective result. Therefore, I want Beijing to make a bright change by this simple line.

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