Increase Dead by Daylight optimization on consoles to a playable state.

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Dead by Daylight is a great game, when it works. However, most of the time it runs atrociously on consoles. More recently there has been outcry due to the lack of attention and true communication between the developers and the state of the game on consoles. Anyone who had played on console knows the problems: lag, bugs, and worst of all, FPS. We get some of the problems are ongoing processes like bugs. But we aren't going to light fires in the streets over it because at some point the game stops being playable and forces us to walk away. We WANT to play your game, make it playable.

Have a little bit of focus on console optimization. Be open about communication regarding it and let the community know how you plan on fixing it. We aren't concerned about the events, cosmetics, or even the free updates until we can even have the capacity to play them. (That being said, we really do appreciate the updates you have in mind for us.)

Personal story
I'm just a console player. Like tons of other people. Maybe I can't afford a computer, maybe all my friends play console, it doesn't matter. I like this game. I want to continue liking this game. It gets harder and harder when you want to enjoy a session of Dead by Daylight only to have it pull it's janky inner core out to rear it's ugly face. I really want to keep playing this game at a stable state like so many others.

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