Petition to uban OchiDO from DbD

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This is a directly message to Behaviour Interactive. 

Hello. Some OchiDO's fans and me discussed about why not to create a petition to unban him. Let's talk. 


  • OchiDO got banned in 2018 after uploading a video about DbD funny moments, and he used a clip where he exploits a bug, something that is not allowed in the EULA. 
  • He got permanently banned to play again on his account, he even got his IP marked as banned user. 
  • He bought a PS4 to play again. That happened some months ago. He also spent several hours and money in. 
  • Devs added the console bans, and with just 30 minutes of streaming, he got banned on live for griefing.

About this last paragraph there is something to add:

  1. That as a community manager said, even if someone has a banned account, he can create a new account and start to play from nothing. OchiDO couldn't create a new account on PC because of the IP mark. 
  2. That rule mentioned in 1., is real because Noob3 (another YouTuber that used to play with him) created a new account after getting banned for hacking the game save files to get the legacy outfits. 
  3. That the reason "OchiDO got banned because he tried to pass out his ban" is false.
  4. That the reason "OchiDO is the biggest toxic promoter" is false because he played as a good person since playing on PS4, also, actually Noob3 still promotes toxicity, as he call his videos and streams with "toxic nea".
  5. That OchiDO has been bullied by the devs, because he never did any griefing on PS4, is just a stupid reason invented to ban him; also he asked to the support and directly sent 100 bits to the game director in the middle of a stream and got ignored. 

So now, as spreader of OchiDO's fandom and all the DbD players that plays DbD because of OchiDO, we main ask for:

  1. Unban him from his from his Steam account.
  2. If 1. Is not possible, remove his IP mark so he can at least play in another account.
  3. Remove his PS4 ban (if possible).

Then, not necessary:

  1. Explain the exact reason why OchiDO got baned for griefing, when all he did was save his mates from the killer. 
  2. Explain why OchiDO couldn't receive the right of freedom of creating a new account to play from 0 as every single player has.