Dead by Daylight- Survive With Friends.

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                                         DEAD BY DAYLIGHT 

                                      SURVIVE WITH FRIENDS

This is a petition about the "survive with friends" game mechanic. Asking to the international dbd community what they think about it, the result was a great majority of people complaining about it and asking for a change.

After rank 5 it's very frustrating to deal with a 4 people premade as a killer, due to a huge part of the survivors that play together and collaborate for the only reason to "troll the killer" or give him a bad time playing the game.

We ask for a more balanced swf feature, in order to keep playing and enjoying this great game. In every match, playing against a premade results in a terribly annoying game experience, because they have an enormous and unfair advantage compared with the killer. One of them lures you away from the action, while three players, knowing exactly where each others are, do at the same time all the generators using toolboxes combined with addons that make the match finish in five minutes, if you are lucky.

Here's a list with a couple of examples:

  • adding a couple of generators at the normal 5 ones
  • limiting the number of people that you can play with (for example, you can play in survive with friends with ONE friend instead of three)
  • deleting directly the mechanic 

Many players are slowly stopping to play dead by daylight because of this bad situation, including some famous streamers like 72hrs.     

Signing this petiton will cost you about one minute of your time, and you would give a precious help to the international dead by daylight community, you don't want this game to die, aren't you?. Let's make behaviour hear our voice!

Make Dead by Daylight great again!

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