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Changes to the Sex Education Program

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Petition to make changes regarding the sex education program at Beerwah Primary School.

Hell everyone, I need your help to get some changes made to the sex education program at Beerwah Primary School. Tuesday the 18th of July was the first day of the program on this day the letter issued to all parents advised that what they would learn on this day would be -
* male and female reproductive and excretory systems
* protective behaviors
* the physical and emotional changes that happen for boys and girls during puberty

Unfortunately this is not only what they learnt, my son all of 11 years old came home and told me that the teacher had told him that the youngest girl to ever have a baby was 6 years old, she had gone through puberty early and was rapped. I know what your thinking WTF!! My daughter went through this program 2 years ago and learnt what a head job was, a friend of mines son learnt about anal sex.

I believe that questions that are asked by the students should be responded to sensitively based on the question and if inappropriate, of a sensitive nature or something that is not related to the exact ciriculum of the program should not be answered by this teacher, instead it should be answered with "that is a question you need to ask your parents".

Our children's childhoods are being stolen and yes we can opt not to have our children in the program, but then they here it all second hand from the other kids in the playground.

So I have made a complaint to the school, however I am told that 1 mothers complaint cannot make a difference!!! So I am asking you to help me share this post and sign the petition and let's make a difference together....

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