Beemove and Chinomiko: Leave school system of moving to locations in MCL-University

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Hello! I woud like to talk about limitiation of PA and dollars in "My Candy Love - University". Limitiation will unconvenient for players. More people prefer pass episodes at once. It will be impossible with limitiation. New system of transitions and dialogues will very unconvrnient too. Now you can pass one episode for about 400 PA, when you move around in locatoins. You will spend much more PA with dialogues, because one replica cost 2 PA. For example, beta-testers spent 900 PA at first episode. It will be unconvenient and costly.

I ask Beemoov and Chinomiko to leave "My Candy Love - school" system of moving to locations instead of payment of dialogues and not to add limitiation of one thousand PA and dollars