Flood Defences in Bedford Borough

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We the undersigned want to:

1. Thank the Borough Council Teams, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and volunteers for their hard work during the Christmas floods 2020, which did much to alleviate some of the concerns of our residents.

2. Ask the council to lead a review into what went well in relation to the flood preparation and management during the Christmas 2020 floods and what more needs to be done to prevent future flooding. The review must come up with a set of recommendations as to how future flooding can be prevented, including which body is responsible for the implementation of the recommendations. The review must include flooding from rivers, drainage and run off.

3. Ask the council to hold the Environment Agency to account on how it is spending Bedford Council taxpayers’ money to protect local residents from future flooding.

4. Work with local community groups to learn from their local knowledge, best practice and support their efforts in managing flooding.

Given climate change this is a pressing issue and lessons must be learnt now and measures put in place to prevent future flooding in the villages and in town.