Build Bedford's First Parkour/ Freerunning Outdoor Park

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When you think of Bedford what do you think of? For me personally, I USED to think of a town that was filled with lots to do, lots of shops to visit, lots of entertainment and lots of opportunities for young people to express themselves (youth clubs being the prime example). Now, when I think of Bedford, I think of the numerous shootings & stabbings there has been over the last few years and how all of these entertainment venues, youth clubs & shops are closing down.

Parkour is a beautiful sport which provides opportunities for EVERYONE regardless of ability, age, gender, race or background. How many other sports can say that they accommodate for ALL types of people? I can't think of many. Parkour isn't just a sport, it is a life tool. The skills and confidence you learn whilst training the art of Parkour can be transferred into all walks of life. 

As a kid, we are encouraged to play because it is a healthy and necessary part of our growth. Why do we stop this just because we age? 

Give Bedford a new lease of positivity and help to get Bedford's first Parkour Park by signing and sharing this petition. The aim of the park is to create a place for people to play, learn, have fun and build a community with. A place to train for FREE without being disturbed by authorities and being told to move on from venue to venue for disturbing citizens.