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Bede academy students to be granted a form of study leave

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Bede Academy refuses study leave to students who are dedicated to their exams and are not given permission to do personal revision in school using technology or other resources. On exam days you have to come in for the full day, complete your exam and waste the rest of the day because you aren't allowed to revise for your next exam resulting in being stuck in a classroom with people doing no work.

Our sister schools in the Emmanuel schools foundation ,who are supposed to have the same consistent rules ,have been granted this so why can't students who have worked all year round be given this opportunity if they have good effort grades, which reflects their aptitude to learning in a positive manner and should be given the opportunity to learn to balance their own revision. When an exam runs over our break we are not given the time back to rest we are ushered back into a classroom environment being instructed what to do. If an exam runs over our lunch it is cut short and we are left with 20 minutes to last minute revise and eat out lunch. All students A-level and GCSE students deserve the break that we've worked for all year round.

 We are asking for an opportunity to be able to have our own time revising it is not possible to balance the 6+ Hours of intense strict lessons coming home shattered to 2+ Hours of revision on top of homework which, is still being set in some subjects. Then an additional  1+Hours for activities such as family time,sports,bathing and eating and then to top it off you need a full nights sleep of a recommended 8+ hours.

The strict schooling system doesn't allow us to breath it is hard and getting harder with the new GCSE's, which have now have A-level content.

We aren't asking for the time to mess around we know the impacts and the benefits a whole day taking breaks when wanted of studying could do and also know the conserquences of abusing the privilege.All we are asking is the days we don't have an exam we can revise in the comfort of our home and to be able to leave after an exam or even just free time given in school to revise and use the facilities such as the library and 'open area'.

The worst part is if you are a student who has been excluded from Bede you can walk in,do your exam and walk back out, the fact that negative behaviour is being rewarded with something every student wants is causing upset with everyone they should be internally excluded, they've lasted all the way to this point why get rid of them now?

We understand that it isn't for everyone but we all need a break every so often, i can guarantee that students who are struggling with a topic would still contact a teacher to ask for the help if they attend the Academy or not if they were given contact details, people would still come in and use the facilities if allowed to.

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