BEd 2nd and 4th semester against offline exam.

BEd 2nd and 4th semester against offline exam.

7 August 2022
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              With due respect and humble submission at your noble office, We want to inform you that we are the students of WBUTTEPA (B.ed 2nd Semester). This is to inform you that we want our upcoming semester to be in "ONLINE MODE". We want to show you in light several reasons why we want this :--


1) Our first sem examination had not been conducted within the stipulated time it has been delayed .


2)Due to this delay we did not got ample time for the preparation for the next semesters


3)We have just completed our ist semester examination on (26-31 march) as dated


4)Most of the colleges has not yet started our 2nd sem classses.


                 University is already aware regarding the vast syllabus of 2nd semester for which atleast 6months time is to be required to complete everything and to prepare the portion. So it is our earnest request that in this tough situation it is not possible for us to complete this huge syllabus within 1 to 1.5 months and to get prepare for offline examination.


            So, we the students of 2nd sem request you to take this semester under consideration and let our university Wbuttepa conduct this examination in "ONLINE MODE" so that our future could be saved and we can attend our examination hastle free without any chaos. Our mental stability is not proper regarding this we are at the verge of dying. On the other hand Burdwan University is already conducting their 2nd in "ONLINE MODE" then why we not?


Therefore, Please, We request you to kindly look into this matter seriously and to think about our future which is in your hand.

Looking, forward for your humble kindness. 


    Thanking You

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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