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Petitioning Food Revolution Jamie Oliver

Become a Recovering Picky Eater and Improve Your Health

Do your part in the Food Revolution.  I suspect you're someone who wants better health through better food.  The problem is, you won't eat food if you don't like it.  My challenge to you is to learn to like more healthy food so you want to eat it!  Pick just one healthy food you've hated your whole life and learn to like it.  Step One : Change your Thoughts, don't think "I hate this food" think "I can learn to like this food"  Step  Two:  Link the food to your life, find your why, what is eating that food going to do for you, how will it help you accomplish your goals?  Step Three:  Practice!  Learning to like a new food is a skill.  Skills require practice.  So pick up your fork, and challenge yourself to find a way to like that icky food you've been avoiding all these years.  When you sign the petition, you're sending a letter to Jamie Oliver.  Edit the letter and let Jamie know what food you'll be learning to like by editing the parts that read {food item}.  Thank you for being part of the Food Revolution!!  For more guidance to learn how to like a food you hate, stay tuned to



Letter to
Food Revolution Jamie Oliver
I took a pledge to become a Recovering Picky Eater - I'm going to learn to like a food I've hated all my life! I've always hated {food item}, but I know it's good for me. My plan is to change my thinking about {food item}, learn what {food item} does for my body, experiment with recipes and cooking methods until I find a way I don't mind eating {food item}.

I know that if I approach wholesome food, just one ingredient at a time, eventually I'll have wider selection of foods I like. My health will improve, and it'll be easier for me to find dishes that are both good for me and good tasting.

I know that if I can show my {kids, spouse, parents, teacher, boss, sister, brother, other person} that I can learn to like something new, they'll be encouraged to try as well. I want to be a part of this country's food revolution by changing my own taste preferences to include more wholesome food and inspiring others to do the same.

I believe I can learn to eat food that benefits my health. I learned about this challenge via Food with Kid Appeal.