Become a lifesaver. Join the #3forHeart CPR Challenge

Become a lifesaver. Join the #3forHeart CPR Challenge

February 1, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angel Turner

**This petition is not endorsed by Damar Hamlin or the American Heart Association. I started this petition in an effort to spread awareness and bring people together for an important cause.

By signing this petition, you are acknowledging your commitment to join the #3forHeart CPR Challenge.

In the midst of one heart stopping, millions of other hearts quickly came together. Loyalty divided among 32 football teams turned into unity and love for one number - the number 3.

As a nation, we prayed and believed to see a miracle happen and within days, we witnessed multiple miracles take place.

Damar woke up. He took his first breaths on his own. He returned to social media. Millions of dollars were donated to his charity. And to add a cherry on top,  Damar shared a heartfelt video expressing his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from everyone and to thank the amazing people who cared for him following his cardiac arrest.

When we come together for a cause, amazing things happen.

So, again, let’s come together. This time for each other. 

Damar Hamlin has teamed up with the American Heart Association in an effort to raise awareness for CPR.

We don’t know if or when someone around us may require CPR, but if they do, they have a much higher chance of surviving if CPR is performed within the first few minutes of them going into cardiac arrest.

Let's continue to show love for Damar and each other by taking the necessary steps to become a lifesaver.

The goal for this petition is 9 million signatures. 1 million signatures for each minute of CPR administered to Damar Hamlin on January 2.

You can learn more about the #3forHeart CPR Challenge and join in, here:

3forHeart CPR Challenge

Thank you for signing! You just very well may be the key to saving someone’s life❤️❤️

**Along with your name, please briefly share why you chose to participate in the #3forHeart CPR Challenge.

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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