Justice for Jayke

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No words can describe the pain of lossing a child , Every day is painful since my youngest son Jayke Robinson 18 was killed in a car accident just befor christmas 2016 And will always will be.

Jayke was footy mad, He loved the bulldogs he played club footy from age 5 up untill 16 with the Corrimal Cougers he was also chosen to play rep footy for the illawarra for 4yrs.

He was my gentle giant with the biggest heart for his family and friends , especially his Nan. He would spend every friday night with her watching the footy Jayke would cook her dinner and they both loved their friday night footy together Sadly she passed away 9/7/2016 Jayke was heart broken .

He was also a larrikin who lived for his mates ,they would spend as much time as they could in the surf , And most weekends I would end up with a house full of noisy boys sleeping over, listing to music playing pranks on each other just boys being boys .

But that all ended the night when Jayke took a car ride with Dylan Dhal who he barley knew. Dylan Dahl 24 was speeding and admitted in court he was high on ICE and ECSTASY when he crashed into a tree killing Jayke.

Dylan had a string of previous driving offences, including DRINK DRIVING and DRIVING WHILE SUSPENED but he walked free from court , All he got was  a $250 fine a 4yr driving ban and community service.

In court ,Dylan Dahl showed no remorse , He smirked at me through out the trial, I nearly collapsed when I heard my precious boys life was only worth just $250 it shattered myself and Jaykes family.

Its not right .Dahl had a long criminal driving history and he killed my son .He should have gone to jail. Im petitioning Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make sure that the right punishment is served when someone takes a life.

Knowing i wasnt there to hold Jaykes hand and give him one last hug befor my baby boy slipped away will haunt me forever..PLEASE sign this petition so something good comes from this,so no other parent has to go though what im going through .

I am seeking with the petition that Laws are changed and Repeat drug/drink driving offenders are giving Mandatory Jail sentences....                                                                                                                                                                                                                       From the bottom of my broken heart I thank you evryone who have suported me ........                                                                                                  Kind regards Nicole Hills