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Dear Dr. Jeff Rose and the BSD School Board,

We, as parents from Arbor Oaks Community urge you to not limit our children from enrolling in Springville Elementary and Stoller Middle schools. Our strong preference is to have our children attend schools closest to where they live.

We would like to highlight the following points:

1. We made Arbor Oaks our home specifically to be part of the excellent Stoller community, and to provide high quality middle school education to our children. If you limit our children from getting this opportunity, it will be a huge set back to our families by negatively impacting our children’s educational prospects. Our children will be deprived of a high quality middle school education, as no other non-option middle school in the area comes close to Stoller in terms of academic achievement and quality of education. This is unfair to families that have made personal sacrifices to be part of Arbor Oaks and Stoller community.

2. Arbor Oaks community is NOT a”new” development and has been around since 2007. Our community is tight knit and already has several children that attend Stoller. Breaking them away from their friends and community at Stoller will be disruptive and biased. We strongly object any proposal of branding Arbor Oaks neighborhood as a ”new” development.

3. Several Springville Elementary children living in Arbor Oaks are excited to join their older friends and siblings at Stoller in the coming years. Our children will be heartbroken if you break this community apart. 

4. Springville Elementary is one of the nearest elementary schools to Stoller middle school. There are other elementary schools located further away from Stoller that currently feed into it. One feasible solution would be to route children from those elementary schools to their nearest middle schools (eg. Five Oaks and Meadow Park). This would reduce overcrowding at Stoller. For our families in Arbor Oaks, Stoller is the only middle school North of US- 26 and it would be a logistical nightmare to send our children from Arbor Oaks in North Bethany to a middle school south of US-26.

5.    Currently there are four schools that feed into Stoller. Comparing the distances below we are definitely not the furthest:

       * Jacob Wismer is 100 feet from Stoller

       * Findley is 1.6 miles from Stoller

       * Springville is 2.3 miles from Stoller

       * Rock Creek is 3.3 miles from Stoller

The only other middle schools Meadow Park and Five Oaks are 6.5 and 4.1 miles away from Springville/Arbor Oaks respectively and closer to several other elementary schools. So you can clearly see that Arbor Oaks is the furthest away from these middle schools, when compared to Stoller.


Here are the solutions we propose to resolve this overcrowding issue:

1. Expedite construction of new schools.


2. Expand portables at Springville and Stoller.


3. We also propose that our Arbor Oaks Springville/Stoller community is not identified as a new development.


In summary, we REJECT the proposal of "Routing incoming students from Arbor Oaks/Springville community away from Stoller".


All of us want to resolve the overcrowding problem in a fair, equitable and expeditious manner. However, the current process and proposals may impact  some very specific neighborhoods (“new” developments) unfairly and disproportionately and in a discriminatory way. Moreover, Arbor Oaks is a seven year old community and should not be identified as “new”. We urge you to concentrate on other available recommendations to solve this very real problem.


We appreciate your attention and time on our concerns and to the resolution of overcrowding problem.

Thank you for your efforts to resolve the issue.


 Arbor Oaks Parents Association.



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