Remember Eian at Graduation

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Schools around the Globe strive to educate students and prepare them for the future. Every year we celebrate the success of the students at graduation but we fail to recognize that sometimes students do not make it to graduation. At Beavercreek High school in particular, during the fall of 2018, a student by the name of Eian Gustafson, took his own life. Up until this point, Eian Gustafson has been a student of Beavercreek City Schools for twelve years. He was a Junior when he passed. At many other schools, in times like these, arrangements are made to remember those who did not make it onto that stage. It is our goal as a student body and community, to pursued our faculty into letting us have an empty chair for Eian on the floor at Graduation, as he would be part of the Graduating Class of 2020. Your signature could help us make the necessary change not only for our class, but for future generations to come.