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Stop granting shared custody to children of a tender age/abusive fathers

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This is important because it is one of the many problems within our system that gets no publicity which in turn receives no public interest.Children of a tender age do not benefit from being shuffled around from household to household. They become confused and scared; especially when there is no communication and consistency between households. When a father abuses a childs mother how is it expected that they will treat their child any differently especially when they make no acknowledement of even having a child until forced to. Shared custody is granted without individual circumstances being taken into account. It is being granted because of personal feelings a judge may have toward the subject when they relate it to their own lives. Everyones situation is different and what works for their child may not work for others children. Judges in Beaver County, PA have granted shared custody (this is 50/50) to parents who are alcoholics, drug addicts and even to parents who do not have a "home" of any kind. Children as young as 8weeks old are being put into these situations and will certainly not benefit in the long run. A mother should not have to hand over her child to somone who has abused her. When a child leaves her mother's arms she should be allowed to know that she is safe and happy, not wonder what is happening to her until she comes home; and even then is not able to communicated effectively with an infant. A mother should not have to choose between their safety, their childs safety and losing custody. If a court order is not followed a mother has the potential to lose their child even if they feel they are in danger. This affects not only families but most importantly, the children.

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