We want Junhyung to stay in the group ( HIGHLIGHT )

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We protect someone during a storm, not after!

Hello. ( Any question or you are sad ? My IG : Mme_uchiha)

I know some of you do not like this request.
But we BEAUTY / LIGHT are a family ! Are you going to throw your brother because he makes a mistake? I hope not.
We Beauty / Light, we refuse the departure of Junhyung.
We apologize in his name for his silence and especially we apologize for all the victims , we apologize for his bad comment which we are also disappointed.
Know that we find him no excuse but it's our homework as a family to accept his mistake, he is above all human! Who are we to judge him ? We all do things wrong, we cover all our friends even if it is not good.
We want Junhyung to think about his mistake but we don't want such an excessive decision!
Let's be a family please and love us with our imperfections.
Let's prove that we are not just fans but a family that has been around for 10 years! We must support them when they shine but also when they do not shine! We are their lights, right? Don't leave Junhyung in the dark.

We'll get through this together, just like we always have.

BEAUTY / LIGHT, Fighting! Plz Don't be sad !

Dear Light 

I understand that our opinion to all are shared, Of course it's normal since we know nothing. But the petition is not there to go against his decision, nothing of that! It's a petition that means: We open your arms and we love you! Whatever the decision you make we will accept it but know that we are loyal and our love and as eternal as our light will shine for each member of the group!
Some fandom easily remove their members but we do not want this, we will be a real family that lasts for the better and for the worse! This light will stay on forever!

I will have no word for those who return their jackets.