Ban on fake makeup

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Fake makeup are causing various skin allergies .They have formula that react with skin and cause harm .Usually redness is observed further breakouts and rashes .

Maya Gibson, a YouTube blogger with over 150,000 subscribers, was inundated by questions from her followers about the possible benefits of using fake cosmetics.She decided to try applying a full-face of makeup using only knock-off goods - with terrifying results."After I used the makeup and took it off, my skin absolutely went mad - it did not react well at all. My skin went up in acne, my lips had partial chemical burns, and bear in mind the makeup was only on my face five minutes after filming."But worryingly, Maya's experience has done little to deter her friends from taking similar risks.

why people own fake makeup

- generation vain

-easy access

Few raids/investigations have been done but the market is filled with this piece of shit .they at first look seem very promising but cause various skin (allergic) reactions.The knock offs are clearly playing with our trust 

With fraudsters continuing to innovate and largely evading capture, what is the answer to what some industry insiders say is a global epidemic?

With potentially hideous ingredients and numerous horror stories, is this toxic gamble really worth taking? 

These are some questions that need answers let us spread the word in the industry and put a ban to this cheap yet harmful knock offs.

#SHUTTHEFAKEUP #KeepingItRealBeauty