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Since May 2013 there have been several complaints to the Beauregard sheriff's office about a backyard breeder in Ragley, LA who has up to 100 dogs in a backyard puppy mill. The dogs are living in unsanitary conditions and their vet and grooming needs are being neglected. The BPSO is "assisting" the couple breeding the dogs instead of forcing the couple to surrender these innocent helpless animals.
Sheriff Moses has made it clear that enforcing animal cruelty laws is not one of his priorities. Sign this petition demanding that Sheriff Moses and the BPSO enforce the law and shut down this puppy mill, so these poor animals can be placed in loving homes! More info can be found here:

*photo by Shelia Gilley

Letter to
Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office Ricky Moses
Stop the "Backyard Breeder" in Ragley, LA now! Enforce the law so these innocent dogs can be rescued!