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Ban cat dissections in Beaufort County, SC public schools

I happened to see a photo in the Island Packet on January 10, 2013 where a Battery Creek HS teacher received a grant from the Northern Beaufort County Education Foundation. The teacher was quoted as saying, "We're looking forward to dissecting some cats." I was shocked and appalled! It was so insensitive. We have several cats as part of our family. The thought of dissecting these beautiful animals makes me sick. I firmly believe asking students to dissect or watch a companion animal being dissected as part of their class assignments can be a traumatic. experience.

Parents and educators need to be aware that classroom dissections teach students that it's OK to be cruel. Schools should instead be teaching students to RESPECT life by teaching anatomy via many of the humane alternatives that are available. I need your help to let Battery Creek HS/Beaufort County School Superintendent/Board as well as the Northern Beaufort County Education Foundation know that this is not OK. The curriculum must change. There are more humane and less expensive alternatives. Please see several reference links below for more information.

Here is what you can do to help:

Sign my petition to "BAN cat dissections in Beaufort County public schools." It only takes a few seconds.
Call Battery Creek HS and ask to speak to Mr Edmond Burns. 322-5500. Tell him you are opposed to cat dissections. Tell him to consider more humane ways to achieve the same results.
Call the Northern Beaufort County Education Foundation and ask them to stop giving grants to teachers performing cat dissections.
Contact your School Board representative and the acting School Superintendent -Dr. Jacqueline Rosswurm. 322- 2300. Tell them you are opposed to cat dissections. Tell them to consider more humane and less expensive ways to achieve the same results.
Spread the word to friends and family in Beaufort County. Ask them to sign the petition and call Battery Creek HS, Northern Beaufort County Education Foundation, the acting School Superintendent and their school board representative.

Fortunately, the Beaufort County Animal Shelter does not support this program so Battery Creek HS will have to source their cats somewhere else. Many of these sources have troubling practices.
I included an article in the reference section below about "lessons in cruelty."


The cats and I thank you for your support,

Kate Zalusky Cat Advocate =^.^=

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