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Call to Action for Better Traffic Control in Beaufort County

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We, the residents of Beaufort County in South Carolina, petition the State of South Carolina, the County of Beaufort and the towns of Bluffton and Hilton Head, to make changes to local roadways and county Highway's including 278, 170 and May River Road, along with other main roads within our county. The lack of adequately marked pedestrian sidewalks,  crosswalks and bike paths on major roads such as May River Road, dangerous rotaries, a need for additional monitoring of excessive speeding, tailgating and aggressive lane changing on roads, unlit roads, and complete disregard of school zones are a danger to all of our residents.

We demand that improved traffic control measures be put in place to ensure the future safety for all users such as additional law enforcement monitoring, speed traps, stricter and higher penalties and fines, citations issued at accidents, police checkpoints and installation of more traffic cameras and lights.  

For our continued safety we need Mandatory insurance and termination of insurance waivers. We need mandatory yearly testing for drivers over 70.  We need immediate revocation of driving privileges of drunk drivers on the FIRST offense at the very least the 2nd.    We need a no texting and driving law.   We need to become an at fault state.  If a person is responsible for causing an accident due to negligence they need to be given a citation and found at fault.  

Locations where there are emergency vehicles exiting and entering need to have a stop light and last but certainly not least school zones need to have mandatory sidewalks from all distances within one mile of a school for safe walking for students.  

As the county continues to grow so does the risk on our roads.   This week along there have been countless accidents, including four major today alone!  

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