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Keep baby lions and tigers out of inhumane “safari” flea market

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Beaufort County Council needs to enact laws and regulations which govern the conditions of the local flea market where baby tigers and lions are soon to be on display. This “safari” exhibit fails to meet the standards of the American Sanctuary Association to properly care for the animals, which puts their well-being and even their lives in danger. These rare and precious animals are held in concrete-floored cages and live in fear every time a plane lands at the local Marine Corps air station. Help me tell the Beaufort County Council that a concrete-floored former lumber yard isn’t the right place to keep exotic animals.

My family and I live in the beautiful town of Beaufort, South Carolina. It's a military town on the coast, where I have chosen to raise three children. Recently, our city decided to allow a new addition to a local flea market in an abandoned lumber yard. The addition claims to be a safari-like exhibit which currently holds two baby big cats, a tiger and a lion.  The conditions here are not appropriate for such animals. These aren’t house cats. They are potentially dangerous big cats that will grow up to be too large for their current cages, and pose a risk to the community and themselves should anything go wrong with their care, or with a weather disaster in this known hurricane zone, or through a breach of security.   

There are many quality zoos and exotic-animal rescues which do a superb job of caring for these animals, providing the best habitat for each species, ample and appropriate nutrition, and access to open air and freedom of movement. A flea market inside a former lumber warehouse is not appropriate as a home to any of these animals. These lion and tiger cubs deserve to be in a proper animal sanctuary that is a member in good standing of the American Sanctuary Association. This flea market is not a member of the ASA, nor is any flea market likely to meet the standards of the ASA.  

My husband and I have two fifth-grade twin daughters whom we have taught to love all animals. It pains their hearts to know that the animals are being kept in an inappropriate environment, and that they have to suffer a barrage of high-decibel noise from the fighter jets that fly overhead. Our children would rather know that these animals are in a safe and healthy environment than have them right down the street to look at for their entertainment. I am very proud of our girls for putting the well-being of these animals ahead of their own enjoyment.

Let's tell Beaufort County Council that a flea market inside a former lumber warehouse next to an active military air station is no place for a zoo. Sign my petition and let's send a message!

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