Save the Godette Hotel Beaufort NC

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Please Sign this petition to Tell Beaufort N.C. Board of Commissioners We Need to Save Our African American History the Godette Hotel...

The Godette Hotel was an important community institution in another way, too. It was a home away from home for many of the children from Craven Corner, an African American neighborhood that is part of the Harlowe community, 15 miles north of Beaufort.

In a way the Godette Hotel served as a chord binding together the African American community in Craven Corner and the African American community in Beaufort.

But the Godette Hotel could have been in The Green Book. That’s why I have chosen to call it “Beaufort’s Historic Green Book Hotel.”

The only reason it wasn’t in The Green Book is because the Godette family did not feel the need to advertise in The Negro Motorist’s Green Book, so neither their hotel nor the restaurant was listed there. Article by David Cecelski