Save Dr Mohammed at Skipton Medical Practice.

Save Dr Mohammed at Skipton Medical Practice.

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In rural areas of Australia, finding a Doctor is hard work. But finding a Doctor who treats you like a friend, has interest in your family and empathy for your health condition is miraculous. 

Dr Mohammed Al Naima has been practicing at the Skipton Medical Practice (Beaufort and Skipton Health Service) in South West Victoria for over two years. 

He has become a beloved and integral member of the Skipton community and patients travel from all over the Western Districts to see him. 

There have been some recent issues with Dr Mohammed’s Medicare Provider Number, however he has a special approved placement granted by The Commonweath Department of Health until December 2019! 

It is alleged that the CEO and Board want Dr Mohammed to resign, without any reason and they are making it very difficult for Dr Mohammed to treat patients, even though he is approved by the Government to so so! They have even changed the locks and employed a security guard at the practice! 

Dr Mohammed loves his position at Skipton and wants to stay as much as the community want him to!

Keep in mind that other Western District communities struggle to find doctors - take Camperdown, Vic, for example. South West Health Care have been trying to replace two doctors in Camperdown for several years without success. Patients in this region even drive to Skipton to see Dr Mohammed!

Dr Mohammed’s treatment by the Beaufort Skipton Health Service has been incredibly unsupportive and the community is appalled, frustrated and angered by the obvious lack of ‘community representation’ by the members of the Beaufort and Skipton Health Service Board.

Board members are supposed to represent the community! 

Have you ever found a Doctor who treats you like a person, you are completely comfortable speaking to and even your children love?

Well we have, and we want him to stay! 

Please help us keep Dr Mohammed at Skipton Medical Practice.