Late starts for beauchamp sixth form students

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Beauchamp’s sixth form’s students are having to come in at 8:35am every morning and attend form, this is a major issue for the students who live far from the college which infact is a large quanitity. Being one of the many students who live far and wanting to attend beauchamp the next academic year, I understand the problems first hand.
The students all start at different times, so for a student who starts at 11:00am for example would have to spend nearly 2.5 hours waiting for their lesson! It actually puts many people off including myself from wanting to attend or apply to Beauchamp College. This is just one of the many problems faced by us students. We would be more than happy to explain the others if the senior staff would allow us to.
A while back there was a petition was started with the same issue yet beauchamp infact deleted the petition! Not enabling the voices of students to be heard! Absolutely outrageous. If beauchamp claims to cooperate with its students, at least show us that this will be seriously considered. Us students are young adults and this privilege would show that beauchamp have the same view.
If you agree with late starts for sixth form students, whether you will attending the next academic year for a-levels or already studying there sign this petition for your voice to be heard by Beauchamp College!