Support the Black Students at Centre College

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We, the Black alumni of Centre College, have been following the student sit ins with interest. Not only do their demands seem reasonable, frankly much of what they are advocating for are the very things many of us fought for ten, fifteen, twenty years ago and beyond. The issues themselves are not new, and not even unique to Centre College. Many predominantly White colleges and universities struggle with how to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.

In a way, the sit ins are only even possible now because Centre has greatly increased the number of students of color on campus. For much of the nineties Black students were about 1% of the overall student population, meaning there were rarely more than 10 or 20 of us on campus in total. Now with the enlarged population the Black students have reached a critical mass where their voices can finally be heard. It would behoove all of us, if you would listen.

We stand in solidarity with the Black students of Centre College. If you would like to meet with any of us so that we can give these issues their proper historical context, we are happy to help. Doctrina Lux Mentis.


Michelle Burstion- Young (on behalf of the 90+ members of the facebook group Centre College Black Alumni)