We want to bring back Beau, our Goal Keeper last season who is having cold feet.

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Beau Penton joined our football team last season as our goalkeeper. He was a life saver for our floundering team, the bloke we had in nets before him was complete rubbish! 

Beau was like a cat on a hot tin roof when a ball would come into the box, his feline like instincts saw him pull off countless reflex saves, he would parade around the penalty box with a commanding aura around him, yelling at defenders like a ww2 general on the front lines at Normandy, a small man in size but big in heart.

We have text Beau to come back to be our glove man again this season but our efforts to date have seen little response from him. We don't know if he is sick, lost or just flat out ignoring us but at this point we are desperate and we need your help and support to encourage Beau to bless our nets once again this season.

Anyone who plays Sunday League football knows how hard it is to find a good keeper who isn't drunk or missing every Sunday. As a sign that we are serious we will happily  gove Beau the captains armband if he returns. If you see him around anywhere, please buy him a beer on us and tell him for the love of God to pull his head in and come back to us. 

Yours in football,

Lokomotive Cove AA5a

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