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This Thanksgiving--as you rejoice in the bounty of food, family, and friends--you also have a very real opportunity to make a change: to give back and help people who lack many of the necessities we're thankful for, like food and clean water.

Help harness the power of numbers: Pledge to ACT FAST with Oxfam and
join a growing movement to beat poverty.

It's hard to know what one person can do to fight hunger and poverty. But ACT FAST with Oxfam is different from anything you've seen before. With your pledge, you'll take three easy steps, each building on the power of numbers:

* Sign 1. Add one name--yours--to the pledge to ACT FAST with Oxfam.

* Tell 10. Educate 10 people about Oxfam's work and the need to ACT FAST.

* Raise 100 for Oxfam's work to beat poverty.

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Each person who takes the pledge brings us closer to our goal of beating poverty.
That's why we've set a goal of 5,000 new pledges by November 30. As the movement
grows, we can help people grow more food, access clean water, start small
businesses, or rebuild after disasters. When we combine our efforts, there's no limit
to what we can achieve.

This is the time to give thanks for what we have. Today, make time to
make a difference for others. Help us reach 5,000 new pledges by November 30.

Join the movement and take the ACT FAST pledge today.


Raymond C. Offenheiser

Oxfam America

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