Ban off the shelf laxatives

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I would like to ban off the shelf laxatives. They are dangerous and harmful to anyone who abuses them.

For the past three and a half years I was abusing laxatives everyday. Before this I was diagnosed with anorexia five years ago. I would abuse over 100 everyday. I first heard of abusing laxatives on the television programme Glee. I just wanted to lose more weight and I thought abusing them would help me get there. I lost so much weight and I thought it was the laxatives that we’re getting me there. But laxatives DON’T make you lose weight. They make you become dehydrated and you lose water weight.

It became so expensive that I spent all almost the money that I had. I haven’t just damaged myself but I’ve hurt the relationship with my family to.

I would buy 180 tablets or more at a time. At first it was so easy to pick up 6 or more boxes of 60 at a time. Boots started to ban you from buying them and recently Tesco check how many you buy. I really feel like shops should ban them from the shelf. Although you could get them over the counter it would be harder.

I hate seeing teenagers as young as 14 abusing laxatives. It breaks my heart. I would love to make a difference. 

With help I have managed to come off them. I have tried before but I am determined this time to stay off them for good.

Thank you for reading.