Change The Name of Swanposting and Strike Lil Pump ESKETIIIIT Posting from the Canon

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This is the final straw. For months now the corrupt admins of the original Swanposting have refused to listen to the people of the group. From not letting people openly seperate the art from the artist, to banning people for speaking their mind about how SJW CUCKS are ruining our culture, they’ve clearly gone out of control. 

Lil pump is garbage shit rap for dumb fucking dweebs. By changing the name of this holy dance Gavin dance group, they’ve shown they don’t care about the angelic bars of the true post hardcore god Jonny Craig, or any of the other band members. They don’t care about the members of the group. They only care about The GUCCI GANG and being toxic by deleting the praise that Jonny Craig deserves. Sign my petition. We can do this.