Hold Mr. Naseer, from Beaconhouse Multan accountable!

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The chemistry teacher, Mr. Naseer, while teaching at BSS-Alevels Multan, exploited his position of power as a teacher and sexually harassed his female students, in the past. Victims of his predatory behaviour were inappropriately touched by him and made to feel uncomfortable due to his words and actions. They did not confront him out of fear, however, they did take a complaint to the principal, Ma’am Saadia Yaqub, but in vain. They were dismissed, gaslit and victim-blamed by her and no action was taken. This man is known for these behaviours and needs to be held accountable. 

Help sign this petition, so that he is fired and he doesn’t continue traumatising the lives and ruining the mental health of more girls. Moreover, we expect the BSS administration to fire the incompetent principal who, despite knowing of the teacher’s behaviours and what he is capable of, dismisses complaints and continues to keep him on the job. A precedent needs to be set in order to make sure the students feel safe on campus and in order to give them the confidence that such complaints will be dealt with in a better way going forward. 

As of recently found information, he has left BSS-Alevels,Multan and is now working at BSS-OCC, Multan. This however, doesn’t erase the incompetence and insensitivity of Saadia Yaqub as a principal and the acts of the harasser. Beaconhouse’s administration needs to act and it needs to act fast.