Grant a full fee waiver to Sir Ishtiaq's children

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Friday, September 7, 2018 — a day when our lives were changed. Abruptly, without any warning.

Friday was when a very dear instructor of ours, Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad, passed away.

Friday was when the community at Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, and beyond, was left with a void that is irreplaceable.

Friday was when some at Beaconhouse Margalla Campus lost a sports instructor, while others lost a mentor, and while yet others lost a warm personality who’d always be there at the gate in the morning, smiling at anyone who’d enter the premises.

There exists a saying — not all heros wear capes. And for me, Sir Ishtiaq was such a hero. A hero in life, as a friend to some, a mentor to others, a father-like figure for yet others. A smiling hero, a hero who was there for us students in times of happiness and sorrow, in times of celebration and in times of need. And for us, Sir was a hero in his passing, a hero who passed away while standing up for — not the easy option — but the right option.

There exists no doubt that Sir Ishtiaq will be missed, not just by alumni such as myself, but also by faculty, current students, and anyone who encountered him in any capacity throughout his time at Beaconhouse.

I, along with the signatories of this petition, believe that it is only fitting for such a hero to be honored posthumously. And what better way to honor such a hero by ensuring his children receive a quality education, free of cost?

I, along with the signatories of this petition, believe that Beaconhouse should not treat the legacies of those who have tirelessly served the institution for years on end in any manner but that to honor them, and that there is no better way to honor the legacies of those who have served Beaconhouse than providing for their children. Furthermore, we believe that there is no better thing to provide their children than the invaluable gift of education.

Beaconhouse has committed to providing “quality education of an international standard”, and to bring “benefits to our students [and] the community” through its mission statement.

I, along with the signatories of this petition, demand that Beaconhouse uphold its mission statement, not just in letter, but also in spirit, by providing free-of-cost education for the children of a hero who served Beaconhouse tirelessly for years on end.


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