Beach Volleyball Court for Rockingham

Beach Volleyball Court for Rockingham

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Why this petition matters

Started by Cody flynn

The proposal being put forwards to the City of Rockingham Council is to construct a beach volleyball court with permanent erected net based in a beach side park (such as Governor Road/naval memorial Reserve). A successful setup of this variety is currently open to the public in the City of Mandurah at the San Remo Beach as seen in the pictures attached and the City of Armadale has also recently constructed a similar setup in Novelli Reserve (see case study in Supporting Documents)

Volleyball is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Western Australia with over 160,000 people state-wide currently engaged in the sport and rapidly growing each year. Locally at privately owned and operated business Port Kennedy Indoor Beach Volleyball participation numbers have gone up by 40% in the previous 2 years (see graph 1). This business is the only available option for people in the City of Rockingham to participate in volleyball and outside of private bookings is only open on weeknights for competition and Friday nights for social nights.

Construction of a setup similar to the San Remo courts in the City of Rockingham would ideally be 25m long by 18m wide filled with white washed (playground grade) or beach sand to a minimum depth of 300mm, with a small retaining wall or low lying fencing around the court area. The Governor Road/naval memorial Reserve is proposed as a suitable location (see satellite image below) for a setup of this nature do to the size of the park, its current low utilization of grassed area, access to ample parking, toilet amenities and BBQ facilities all near by providing an ideal safe location for family and friend groups alike to participate in volleyball on the world class Rockingham Foreshore.

This petition has not looked at costing required to complete this project however I am willing to be contactable for any subject matter expert consultation in the design/assess stages if required by the City of Rockingham.


Project specification and materials required listed below:

Earthworks to dig up grass area 25m x 18m down to mineral earth

Construction of 2 course limestone retainer around court (86m total)

Installation of fixed volleyball poles 10m apart with options for hanging net at 2.43m & 2.24m (from sand height)

Infilling with clean white washed or beach sand (135 cubic meters)

Installation of permanent net (may require replacement every 2-3 years)


It is the intention of Port Kennedy Indoor Beach volleyball to publicly back & promote this petition and collect signatures from as many local residences as possible over the coming months to present to the newly elected Mayor and Council after the October elections



391 have signed. Let’s get to 500!