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Beach Village B.I.A. Do not allow Bowmanville Zoo or any exotic animals at 2014 Beaches Family Day event

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Exotic animals should not be used as entertainment factors.  Period!

The Beach Village BIA has year over year brought in camel rides and exotic animals to help bring families out to their Family Day event in sub zero temperatures.  Though residents have requested this practice be stopped each year, they continue to spend money outside our Beaches community to rent these animals from the Bowmanville Zoo.  What are we teaching our next generations, by hoisting them on top a camel for rides in weather conditions these animals are not equipped for?

As cited by PETA

Life on the road for elephants and camels used for rides bears no resemblance to a natural existence. Stuffed into cramped, unventilated trucks and trailers and dragged to fairgrounds and other venues across the country, these intelligent animals are forced to endure endless hours of plodding in circles while carrying patrons on their back. 


The Bowmanville Zoo is under fire for their recent treatment of Limba the elephant. Limba marched in a parade full of cancer, only days before she was euthanized for her illness.  Do we really want our Beaches neighbourhood supporting this controversial private zoo?

Last year, a concerned Beaches resident questioned the use of camels in freezing temperatures.  Bowmanville Zoo's response was less than comforting to many.

Thank you for expressing concern for our camels. Camels have many adaptations that are specifically for cold weather climate. They have a thick fur with an insulation layer of wool. This assists them in keeping warm in the below freezing temperature in the desert nights. They also have the ability to fluctuate their internal temperature. This again is because of the dramatic change in temperature the desert experiences each day. Our camels are Canadian camels just as our dogs are acclimatized to being outside in the winter months our camels enjoy being outside too. With them providing rides for children it is similar to a jogger. The more they move the warmer they get. 

I hope this helps.

Stefanie MacEwan
Head Keeper
Bowmanville Zoological Park
340 King Street East, Bowmanville, ON
P: 905-623-5655
F: 905-623-0957

Please take a moment and sign the petition in hopes that with enough signatures we can stop our Beach BIA from continuing to exploit exotic animals in a neighbourhood that has always been strong in the animal advocacy world.




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