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Be The Change - Workshop

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Be the change you wish to see.

Gandhi said this.


I know most of us try hard to be a bit better every day. But sometimes it´s so much we need to change, that we get all mixed up, and we end up changing nothing. I, for one, always end up feeling the week was worthless in regards to personal change. I always start the week saying: this week I will be more tolerant, more patient, more willing to listen, less tense, less angry, etc etc etc. It´s SO MUCH that I end up changing nothing at all!


In this workshop, I want us to form a group commited to changing ourselves for the better. I will direct the workshop, but I will also take part in it as a student AND I will accept any suggestions for personal change that you send to me and add it to the program when appropriate.


So... changing...


It´s all a question of getting organized.


ONE CHANGE PER WEEK. How does that sound?


Everyone who signs this pledge will get, every Sunday, a direction to follow for the week.


A task.


It might be as simple as “Say Good Morning like you mean it. Not like it´s automatic”, or as complex as “Look at someone you hate with compassion every time you see him/her this week”. The tasks will come accompanied by a text giving tips to complete it, and examples.


So, for that week, I pledge to try to change in myself that one bit which was mentioned on the task. Nothing more. No trying to change everything at once!


One task every Sunday, to be realized for the remainder of the week, until the next task comes.


We NEED to change if we want the WORLD to change. One person at a time, the world WILL become a better place. Let´s make this a movement. A movement that promotes a change of perception, a change of attitude, in ourselves.


The workshop will start on Sunday, MAY 19. A month from now.


Till then, let´s try inviting everyone we know! For this workshop to reach as many people as we can!


If possible, let´s fill the comment pages of this pledge with our trials and errors. Let´s use the comments as a way to tell our experiences for the week to the others, even if the experience didn´t work. This way, we can learn from other people´s mistakes and analize our own as we write.


Good luck to us all.


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