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Be an ambassador for the 15 million children worldwide who have lost parents to AIDS


The statistics say it all:

1)  5800 Africans die every day.  Many leave behind children -- the oldest of whom must assume the role of parent and give up their hopes for an education.  According to UNICEF -- Uganda is home to the world's largest AIDS orphan population.

2)  7700 African are being infected with HIV every day.  Uganda was one of the first and the hardest hit when the AIDS pandemic exploded on the continent.  Based on the emphasis of abstinence over risk reduction -- the rate of HIV infection is on the rise in Uganda.

3)  An AIDS-affected child dies every minute.

I find these stats hard to digest; however, I refuse to allow the enormity of this pandemic disable my commitment to do whatever I can to help African children most affected. 

I have found an organization doing just that -- empowering children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS to have hope for their future.

I hope you join me and become an ambassador of goodwill, compassion and action for the 15 million children worldwide who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS.

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