Be A Luo About It - Stop Profiling Luos, Develop Luoland Like Others Parts of Kenya,

Be A Luo About It - Stop Profiling Luos, Develop Luoland Like Others Parts of Kenya,

17 September 2022
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Started by nigro blak

*Agenda for Ker Ruto Visit - 20 Point Plan*

-. To be presented to Ker Ruto
-. Not by our politicians, but by 500 luos. -. sweepers, cleaners, hawkers, teachers, traders, lawyers, engineers, a list of 500 luos to present the 10 poitn plan.
-. our politicians love opposition and politics, we want development.

1. Allocate KES. 500M hustler fund to luo saccos and chamas with more than 100 members, and more than 2 years old
2. Water piped to new 500,000 homes 
3. Innovation & ICT- Build 4 new ict hubs, co working spacs, 4,000 sqm, with free wifi, to enable IT work.
4. 5,000 youth to be taken into national youth service.
5. Education (4 public universities & 30 polytechnics, one per constituency, to handle our unskilled labour.
6. Health (4 level 6 hospitals, one per county)
7. Water Transport, 5 ferries and 50 boats to east transport in lake victoria, 
8. Juakali (build 4 mega structures for jua-kali shades in all 4 county headquarters.
9. Sports (build 4 new stadia, one in each county headquarter, 20,000 seaters.
10. Revamp KMTCs in each county to accept a total of 5,000 students per year.
11. Revive kicomi and ginneries.
12. Government fish processing plant, like KCC, but for fish
13. same support to coffee farmers and tea farmers, for sugarcane growers, subsidies for fertilizers.
14. 1,000 km new roads tarmacked.
15. national bank to have branches in all 30 towns in the constituencies
16. Railway to reach migori, homabay, siaya, from kisumu.
17. Electricity to 500,000 new homes.
18. Curio shops, build 4 curio cenres, in migori, kisumu, siaya, and homabay.
19. Music studios. Government to build for our artists 4 recording studios, subsidised.
20. Buy tractors to county governments for hire by farmers.

T-shirst printed, *Warwaki Ker Ruto*
T-shirst printed, *Luo 20 Point Plan*
T-shirst printed, *Be A Luo About It*

Could a graphic designer volunteer and design the 20 points into a poster.

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Signatures: 75Next Goal: 100
Support now