Bring back bcu to the Coffs Coast. Allow members to elect the directors.

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bcu is a community credit union which has developed into a fiefdom and is ignoring members needs and their democratic rights.

noun  fiefdom 

the estate or domain of a feudal lord.
Informal. anything, as an organization or real estate, owned or controlled by one dominant person or group.

Make Bananacoast Community Credit Union a fairer institution
As members of the BCU, you OWN the credit union! In light of 2017 AGM held in Coffs Harbour, (including members rejection of a recommended pay increase for directors) it is apparent that members need to act and make a stand to ensure their financial institution is acting in their best interests.

bcu has issues in relation to:- 
• Democratic processes have not been followed
• The Board lacks transparency
• The processes, timing and location of the AGMs
• Board appointment process
• Geographical issues (your region your money)
• Brisbane based Chairman and Vice Chairman
• Constitutional oversights
• Failing to advise members of significant post balance day events (the board being sued by another director)
• Incurred a $50,400 fine by prudential regulator ASIC
In order to canvass issues of concern by the BCU board to at the next AGM we are required to obtain 100 BCU member signatures. Once obtained, the BCU Board are obliged to include the resolutions listed below for consideration by members at the next AGM - this is the start we need to make BCU more transparent and accountable to members.
No one wants a board that isn't accountable to their members - let's send a message to let them know we are watching!
Please sign this petition for the following resolutions to be put before the AGM:
Resolution 1.
Remove all existing directors effective as at the conclusion of this AGM.
Resolution 2.
Appoint an interim Board from the members present and proxies received.
Resolution 3.
Establish voting procedures for next director election (2019)
Resolution 4.
Interim Board to consider and make recommendations to next AGM in relation to reduction in director remuneration and review of $5 monthly account keeping fee.

For more information go to which includes a partial copy of a submission made to the Royal Commission into Banking. Webpage

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