Shut down FurBaby Rescues in Chilliwack, BC

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Our mission is to shut this rescue down because the woman is bringing in sick dogs from Mexico and stating they are from California.  Most of these dogs are not properly vetted or given a true background story.  They are then adopted out right away with no health check or climatizing.

Krystle Jores/Gray/ FurBaby Rescues who chooses to go by multiple names is a fraud! There are many of us speaking up now on our dealings with her and this rescue.  This so called rescue is absolutely not being run as a proper rescue should be.

Here is a copy of the news article that was in the paper and live on air that was shared publicly on our behalf.  This woman absolutely deserves this exposure not only for the wonderful people and families that she's effected but more so for the animals and their welfare. This woman is well known for selling the same dogs more than once.  It's known that she has been shut down a couple of years ago and has still been able to resume business as usual, which needs to STOP!

Not only does she continue to sell dogs as said but she also continues to harass and slander/threaten the adopters. Please take note of all the comments below as well as the facts shared in this article.