Get the Baltimore City Public School Board of Education to lower 70% Assessment scale

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 Baltimore City Public School's Board of Education had increased the grading policy. In the SY18-19, assessments (included:Unit tests, essays, free response questions, etc...) were worth 50% of our grade, and the other 50% split up through quizzes, projects, homework, and classwork. In the SY19-20, the grading policy now for BCPSS have increased to 70% assessments (includes: Projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, exit tickets, essays [formative/summative] etc...). This increase is not fair to Baltimore City Students. More categories are now placed under assessments, and constant entry of homework and classwork doesn't bust a low grade up, not even by one point. Homework and Classwork are now only 5% of our grade, which is outrageous for the amount we get. This system needs to be changed back to the 50%-50% grading scale. Students struggle everyday as it is with understanding material, and for quizzes generally to be placed in a highly-scaled policy is taking a toll on our futures. We want to get into great colleges, but if our grades keep falling if we score below a 90% on a basic quiz, our grades will never be where they should be. Help Baltimore City kids get the old system back! The system is going to keep increasing assessment grades, which will lead to the decline in student effort! #BringBack50/50!