Objection to the use of greenbelt land for gypsy transit site APP/21/00503/F

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As local residents, we strongly object to the recent application of Mr Diment to change the use of the neighbouring greenbelt land to a gypsy/traveller transit site for up to 11 caravans and the erection of a permanent amenity block with unknown foul sewage disposal and 3 x skips.

In consideration of the proposed change of use we have reviewed the full application, supporting documents, National Planning Policy Framework, Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (2015), Poole Local Plan (2018) and the Pan-Dorset Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment Final Report October 2017 to enable us to make informed objections to the proposal.

The proposed site is within the greenbelt and no evidence has been provided by the applicant that there are no other viable sites available across the BCP area.

We appreciate that the local authority has a moral obligation to provide transit sites for gypsy and traveller families. We also appreciate that in doing so it will reduce the number of encampments and enable Police to use designated powers to better manage the site. 

However, the councils own policy recognises that inappropriate development, including traveller sites (transit or residential) is harmful to the greenbelt and should not be approved except in very special circumstances.

We have reviewed the preliminary pitch requirements estimate and the most recent figures for encampments in the Poole area and strongly submit that the needs of the traveller and gypsy community are highly unlikely to outweigh the harm to the greenbelt as to establish a very special circumstance as required.

In summary, this is not an appropriate use of greenbelt land and will not improve the environment or the living conditions of the current residents and protected wildlife and will undoubtedly damage the areas desirable setting. 

We also object to the proposal on the basis that there has been a significant increase in the local population with the erection of the new housing development in the immediate area (Canford Paddock) and the recently approved housing development (Canford Park) without the provision of adequate education or welfare facilities.

Furthermore, we have been made aware that as part of the Canford Paddock development Barratt Homes created two ponds at the insistence of BCP Council due to its location on the rare bird migration route and the ponds are to encourage and protect wildlife and breeding. The erection and use of a transit site next to the ponds is highly likely to disrupt the environment and wildlife significantly

Furthermore, Magna Road is already a high traffic area and the frequent arrival and departure of large vehicles is likely to cause further congestion.

Thank you for your time.