Tuition Deduction For BCIT Students

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Due to the transition into online classes regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking for a partial deduction in our tuitions. Since we will not have access to the facilities and other accommodations that are part of our tuition, it seems unfair to be charged for a full tuition rate. 

We understand that during times like these, huge adjustments are already being made such as classes moved into an online platform, and we appreciate your time and effort. However, being charged for full tuition should be addressed as a number of accessibilities are limited with little to no access on campus. A good number of students are already meeting a new set of hardships during the pandemic. Therefore, a partial deduction for tuition would be of tremendous help, financially.

When we made the decision to enter our programs, part of making that decision was analyzing if the price could be justified based on what and how it was going to teach us. Downgrading to online classes does not longer mirror the amount we will be paying for the upcoming term.

With all of that being said, we hope you understand our side and make the adjustments necessary to make these difficult times a bit more fair and bearable.