BCIT CST: Petition for In-Person/Blended Classes

BCIT CST: Petition for In-Person/Blended Classes

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Started by John Doe

We, the Computer Systems Technology students of BCIT, have created this petition to urge the CST faculty to move forward with their decision to move back to in-person or blended teaching for the remainder of the 2022 Winter semester. Thus following the BC Government's recommendations.

We are all double vaccinated and plan to follow the Health guidelines as they are listed.

  • Transmission in structured in-person learning environments is less, compared to online students who gather in unstructured settings
  • Omicron symptoms are that of a mild cold. Pre-2020 we all attended school knowing that getting sick is part of the human experience
  • Students can recover from home, if sick, we students are smart enough to adjust temporarily and learn from home and get help from our classmates
  • Many students have already booked their booster. Thus making it safer for those worried.

BCIT offers a unique, hands-on education style that is in-person and promotes group work.

  • Group work online has been shown to be EXTREMELY ineffective compared to in-person
  • The way BCIT stands out is it's hands on learning, without it, we choose to hinder our learning and our future job opportunities 

The mental health impact on students has been devastating.

  • Many students without the structure of in-person learning are suffering daily. Human interaction is something we all need.
  • The long term mental health impacts are starting to show among students, as many cases of depression and suicide are being reported
  • Gyms closed on campus are affecting the physical health which is an important part of mental health. When the ban is lifted on Jan 21, if BCIT is not open this will further plummet students overall health.

I fully understand where people are coming from when they want to stay fully online. I really do. But we have prepared all we can, we have followed health orders, and will continue to do so.

Thank you very much for your time.

102 have signed. Let’s get to 200!