Abolish & Dismantle Your Dress-Codes. They Fuel Sexism, Victim-Blaming & Rape-Culture.

“So often survivors have had their experiences denied, trivialized, or distorted. Writing is an important avenue for healing because it gives you the opportunity to define your own reality. You can say: This did happen to me. It was that bad. It was the fault & responsibility of the adult. I was—and am—innocent.” The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis”
― Ellen Bass, The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

"Pornography is the instruction, rape the practice. Pornography shows evil lies about women and the sad truth about men." -Anita Kanitz

"Show me an abuse of women in society, I'll show it to you made sex in the pornography. If you want to know who is being hurt in this society, go see what is being done and to whom in pornography and then go look for them other places in the world. You will find them being hurt in just that way." -Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is used in rape - to plan it, to execute it, to choreograph it, to engender the excitement to commit the act." [Andrea testimony before the New York Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in 1986] -Andrea Dworkin

" If pornography is part of your sexuality, then you have no right to your sexuality." -Catharine MacKinnon

" Men, permitted to put words (and other things) in women's mouths, create scenes in which women desperately want to be bound, battered, tortured, humiliated, and killed." -Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is now beyond anyone’s control. It’s a classic example of ever-controversial unregulated capitalism — the market automatically responding to individual needs and desires. I continue to support and defend pornography, which I believe exposes the deepest, darkest truths about sexuality.2 -Camille Paglia

“It is not a single crime when a child is photographed while sexually assaulted (raped.) It is a life time crime that should have life time punishments attached to it. If the surviving child is, more often than not, going to suffer for life for the crime(s) committed against them, shouldn't the pedophiles suffer just as long? If it often takes decades for survivors to come to terms with exactly how much damage was caused to them, why are there time limits for prosecution?” ― Sierra D. Waters, Debbie

“The rape of a child is a violent act of contempt, not an expression of sexuality or affection.” ― Mike Lew, Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma

"We are very close to death. All women are. And we are very close to rape and we are very close to beating. And we are inside a system of humiliation from which there is no escape for us. We use statistics not to try to quantify the injuries, but to convince the world that those injuries even exist. Those statistics are not abstractions. It is easy to say, Ah, the statistics, somebody writes them up one way and somebody writes them up another way. That’s true. But I hear about the rapes one by one by one by one by one, which is also how they happen. Those statistics are not abstract to me. Every three minutes a woman is being raped. Every eighteen seconds a woman is being beaten. There is nothing abstract about it. It is happening right now as I am speaking." -Andrea Dworkin

" Women are socially disadvantaged in controlling sexual access to their bodies through socialization to customs that define a woman's body as for sexual use by men. Sexual access is regularly forced or pressured or routinized beyond denial." -Catharine MacKinnon

"All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman." -Catharine MacKinnon

What causes misogynistic thinking? New study finds link with early exposure to pornography ! Have you encountered a man with a sexist attitude? His introduction to pornography could be the stem, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Nebraska, U.S., conducted an experiment to determine how exposure to porn for the first time could shape a man’s views on masculinity and sexuality.

To do so, they handed out a 46-question survey to 330 undergraduate men ages 17 to 54. It was designed to measure masculine norms, and it included questions about the first time males saw pornography and whether or not it was an accident.

On average, respondents said they were about 13 years old when they were first exposed to pornography. More than 43 percent said it was by accident, 33 percent said they sought it out and 17 percent said they were forced. About 6 percent declined to answer.

After analyzing the data, scientists found that men who were exposed to porn for the first time at a younger age mostly agreed with statements that asserted male superiority.

However, those who were older when they were first exposed to pornography and had a “greater endorsement of Playboy masculine norms,” such as having multiple sexual partners.

“We expected that the younger the boys were when first exposed to pornography, the more likely they were to adopt playboy norms as well as norms of masculine power over women,” researcher Alyssa Bischmann said in a statement. “We don’t have a lot of theories that would explain this unexpected inverse relationship between pornography use and playboy norms.”However, the scientists did note that their experiment didn’t identify other factors, such as negative sexual experiences, performance anxiety, religiosity and frequency of use, which could be related to the surprising results.

Therefore, more research is needed.

“Future research,” the study said, “should also investigate outcomes of these relations by including measures of relationship satisfaction, wellbeing, and perpetration of violence against women, as these variables may be related to masculine norms and pornography.”

Pornography is the instruction to rape, sexual torture and murder and sexual femicide! There is not only fantasy in porns, there is the real humilation, rape, torture, mutilation and sometimes murder of women, girls and childs. That are heinous sex crimes, nothing more and nothing less.

A horrible case, happeing in May 30, 2018, Gardena,U.S.:
A Gardena man was found guilty of murder in bondage-sex death of Torrance woman, raping 3 other women !An Inglewood Superior Court jury has found a Gardena man guilty of all 25 felony counts he faced – including for first-degree murder of one woman and raping three others in videotaped, bondage-style encounters in South Bay motel rooms and in his one-time Riverside County bedroom.
Kevon Takashi Ross, a 33-year-old UC Riverside graduate, now faces up to 286 years in prison.The panel didn’t need much time, deliberating for three hours. The verdict was read because of the Memorial Day holiday and to give lawyers and others plenty of notice to return to the courtroom.When the first verdict was read, for murder, Ross sunk his head in his right hand and kept it there for much of the time it took to read the other 24 counts.
Jurors were to decide whether Ross took advantage of his sexual partners, as argued by the prosecutor, or if the death was the result of a bondage sex-act gone wrong, as portrayed by Ross’ defense attorney, and he had consent.Kellie Marie Nolan, 27, of Torrance was found unresponsive in a Gardena motel room after 5 a.m. on Dec. 12, 2015, after a sexual encounter in which Ross wrapped her in cellophane and duct tape from her abdomen to her hair.
Right after the verdict, her family declined to comment at this time.
“We’re happy we could deliver justice for Kellie and the other victims,” Deputy District Attorney Frank Dunnick said.
“ There’s no winning in a case like this, because nothing can bring Kellie back, but we can take solace knowing there will never be another victim at the hands of the defendant,” he said.During the investigation, detectives spoke to three other women – Ross met two while attending UC Riverside – who said they hadn’t known how far Ross took their sexual encounters until they were shown videos he had recorded.
Dunnick told jurors that Ross introduced the women to bondage, combined sex with alcohol, then when his partners were inebriated took their encounters to “another level.” Jurors watched graphic videos.
George Steele, Ross’ attorney, told jurors that the women all consented to the sexual acts.
“Everyone agreed, everyone was on the same page until a night – when he didn’t think he did anything wrong – went horribly wrong,” Steele told the panel.
Ross testified that with each of the four women the couple planned and agreed upon the details, and that they had safe words so the women could end the acts if uncomfortable.
The night Nolan died, Ross testified, he made sure she was breathing but was surprised to see a bit of liquid come out of the tape by her nose. When he pulled the tape off, she was vomiting.
Ross turned off the recording. He testified that he tried CPR. Explaining the 10-minute gap before calling authorities, Ross said he had trouble finding his cell phone and, when asked why he didn’t just use the motel phone, he said he didn’t notice it.
“We’re disappointed in the verdict, but my client and I believe in the judicial system and we will be exercising our right to an appeal,” said Steele, the defense attorney.

books about:

Anti-Porn: The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism /Julia Long (Author) Anti-porn feminism is back. Countering the ongoing "pornification" of Western culture and society, anti-porn movements are powerfully re-emerging among a new generation of feminist activists in the UK and worldwide.
Anti-Porn: The Resurgence of Anti-Porn Feminism examines the ways in which the new feminist arguments and campaigns around pornography are articulated, deployed and received. Drawing on original, ethnographic research, it provides an in-depth analysis of the ideological stance, tactical repertoires, impact and significance of campaign groups challenging the pornography industry.
This unique and inspiring book explains the astonishing comeback of anti-porn feminism and challenges liberal perspectives and the mainstreaming on pornography of pornography that changes the nature of our intimate relationships.

Female Sexual Slavery/Kathleen Barry (Author)
This book take you to where you can understand why women are treated as second class citizens and what you need to do to fix it. Everyone should read this book (Women and especially men). The more I read, the more angry I got about how women are considered mens property!! This needs to change to make our society a better place for current and future generations on this planet! When going through life and then having something so abusive and horrible revealed to you... it's like having a door opened and stuffed within the dank closet are mutilated corpses. You take a second look or run. Your view has been changed... forever. And even though the mutilated part is a made-up example... the information in this book is real. That's damn scary. So I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about this global crime industry and/or who want to get involved to help these victims escape the clutches of pimps and the slave trade industry... and it is a massive industry.

Child Brides, Global Consequences: How to End Child Marriage /Gayle Tzemach Lemmon (Author), Lynn S. ElHarake (Author)
One-third of the world's girls are married before the age of eighteen, limiting both their educational and economic potential. Child marriage is damaging to global prosperity and stability, yet despite the urgency of the issue, there remains a significant lack of data on the subject. Senior Fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses both the factors that contribute to and strategies that have proved effective against child marriage.

Cut off: A true-life FGM story/ Sylvia Chioma (Author)
Aduke, a young Nigerian wife, is under extreme pressure from her mother and her husband, Kunle, to undergo Female Genital Mutilation because she has not yet conceived and they assure her it will enable her in their superstitious minds to become pregnant. She argues desperately against it, having heard that it is dangerous, but in the end, she is persuaded and then drugged while the operation is carried out. She is horrified to see that rusty knife the woman is using is the same one she had dreamed about in a nightmare in the first chapter. She suffers catastrophic loss of blood and almost dies. She is saved by the intervention of a doctor who lectures her mother and husband on the appalling risks of FGM. While she is being treated, they discover she is pregnant anyway so FGM was not needed.
The rest of the book is an account of FGM and the campaign against it and uses the story as an illustration of the wickedness, barbarity and superstition of FGM.
The barbaric and dangerous practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in childhood or early womanhood is the scourge of the women of many African and Middle Eastern countries, because of an ancient, misguided belief that cutting away the clitoral area increases fertility, eases childbirth and reduces promiscuity and increases pleasure for men.
This book combines a harrowing true account of one woman’s near-fatal experience of FGM in Nigeria with information designed to provide enlightenment on this abhorrent practice and why it should be stamped out in all the countries of the world where it is still practised

Finding Feminism: A Memoir/Rachel Overvoll (Author)
Can There Be Freedom After Trauma? In "Finding Feminism", Rachel Overvoll tells a story about what it’s like growing up in fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity. She shows how her well-meaning parents and her indoctrination within a rigidly religious community affected her sense of self and the decisions she made as an obedient child, teenager, and young wife. Throughout her memoir, Rachel shares how religious indoctrination influenced her relationships with men and her view of her own sexuality. This book is a triumphant account of how one young woman learned to heal from traumatic experiences, including an abusive engagement, crippling depression, and sexual assault. After finding feminism by chance in a library, Rachel courageously learns to live life according to her own evolving beliefs and values. Her story reminds all women to find their voice and stand strong for themselves and each other.

Intercourse/Andrea Dworkin (Author)
Andrea Dworkin, once called "Feminism's Malcolm X," has been worshipped, reviled, criticized, and analyzed-but never ignored. The power of her writing, the passion of her ideals, and the ferocity of her intellect have spurred the arguments and activism of two generations of feminists. Now the book that she's best known for-in which she provoked the argument that ultimately split apart the feminist movement-is being reissued for the young women and men of the twenty-first century. Intercourse enraged as many readers as it inspired when it was first published in 1987. In it, Dworkin argues that in a male supremacist society, sex between men and women constitutes a central part of women's subordination to men. (This argument was quickly-and falsely-simplified to "all sex is rape" in the public arena, adding fire to Dworkin's already radical persona.) In her introduction to this twentieth-anniversary edition of Intercourse, Ariel Levy, the author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, discusses the circumstances of Dworkin's untimely death in the spring of 2005, and the enormous impact of her life and work. Dworkin's argument, she points out, is the stickiest question of feminism: Can a woman fight the power when he shares her bed?

Awaken Love: The Truth About Sex that will Transform Your Marriage/Ruth Buezis (Author)
Discover How to Create Real IntimacyAfter years of buying into the same old messages about sex like “do it for your husband” or “it’s just physical” Ruth Buezis went searching for God’s truth and it transformed her marriage. By “getting naked” with readers, Ruth bares her own journey of discovering an incredible sex life with her husband of over thirty years. Built on simple concepts of intimacy and small details of creative intentionality, she invites women into the delights awaiting them in their own marriages and dares to ask the question: Why have we built a chasm between being godly and being sensual? You’ll discover…•God’s design for sex and how it plays out in marriage•Messages, lies and baggage that impact us about sex•How to communicate and create excitement with words•How our bodies work and how to make intercourse amazing•Creative ways to connect and the importance of feeling wanted•How to change the world for the next generationWhether purity messages in the church felt manipulative and set you up for failure, you’ve experienced past sexual trauma or abuse, or you’ve allowed yourself to believe lies about your own beauty, Ruth invites you into a community ready for change and deeper intimacy. In doing so, she opens the door for wives to embrace freedom and become truly known in their marriages.

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions/Gloria Steinem (Author) Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions has sold over half a million copies since its original publication in 1983, acclaimed for its witty, warm, and life-changing view of the world, "as if women mattered." Steinem's truly personal writing is here, from the now-famous exposé, "I Was a Playboy Bunny," to the moving tribute to her mother "Ruth's Song (Because She Could Not Sing It)". Her prescient essays on female genital mutilation and the difference between erotica and pornography that are still referenced and relevant today, and the hilarious satire, "If Men Could Menstruate” resonates as much as ever.
As Watson writes of Steinem in her foreword, “She makes what otherwise can be arduous and depressing reading into something not only relatable, but also enjoyable... Her plain common sense, calling things out as they are, will make you laugh out loud. This is her superpower.”

Sex and the Civil War: Soldiers, Pornography, and the Making of American Morality/ Judith Giesberg (Author) Civil War soldiers enjoyed unprecedented access to obscene materials of all sorts, including mass-produced erotic fiction, cartes de visite, playing cards, and stereographs. A perfect storm of antebellum legal, technological, and commercial developments, coupled with the concentration of men fed into armies, created a demand for, and a deluge of, pornography in the military camps. Illicit materials entered in haversacks, through the mail, or from sutlers; soldiers found pornography discarded on the ground, and civilians discovered it in abandoned camps. Though few examples survived the war, these materials raised sharp concerns among reformers and lawmakers, who launched campaigns to combat it. By the war's end, a victorious, resurgent American nation-state sought to assert its moral authority by redefining human relations of the most intimate sort, including the regulation of sex and reproduction—most evident in the Comstock laws, a federal law and a series of state measures outlawing pornography, contraception, and abortion. With this book, Judith Giesberg has written the first serious study of the erotica and pornography that nineteenth-century American soldiers read and shared and links them to the postwar reaction to pornography and to debates about the future of sex and marriage.

Pornography: Men Possessing Women/Andrea Dworkin (Author) This strongly argued feminist case against pornography stirred tremendous controversy when first published in 1979, and has lost none of its bite. Dworkin ( Letters from a War Zone ), who lobbies for municipal statutes declaring pornography a violation of women's civil rights, insists that pornography links sex and violence by incorporating violent domination of women as a key element of sexual fantasy: "Force in high-class pornography is romanticized . . . as if it were dance." Dworkin also takes what many consider to be an extreme position; she believes that pornography incites men to sexual violence. To support her thesis, she draws parallels between the life and writings of the Marquis de Sade and provides critical summaries of several contemporary pornographic works. Dworkin's style is intense, vivid and eloquent, infused with a sense of urgency.

Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality/Gail Dines (Author) Professor Gail Dines has written about and researched the porn industry for over two decades. She attends industry conferences, interviews producers and performers, and speaks to hundreds of men and women each year about their experience with porn. Students and educators describe her work as “life changing.”
In Pornland—the culmination of her life’s work—Dines takes an unflinching look at porn and its affect on our lives. Astonishingly, the average age of first viewing porn is now 11.5 years for boys, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s no surprise that young people are consuming more porn than ever. But, as Dines shows, today’s porn is strikingly different from yesterday’s Playboy. As porn culture has become absorbed into pop culture, a new wave of entrepreneurs are creating porn that is even more hard-core, violent, sexist, and racist. To differentiate their products in a glutted market, producers have created profitable niche products—like teen sex, torture porn, and gonzo—in order to entice a generation of desensitized users.
Going from the backstreets to Wall Street, Dines traces the extensive money trail behind this multibillion-dollar industry—one that reaps more profits than the film and music industries combined. Like Big Tobacco—with its powerful lobbying groups and sophisticated business practices—porn companies don’t simply sell products. Rather they influence legislators, partner with mainstream media, and develop new technologies like streaming video for cell phones. Proving that this assembly line of content is actually limiting our sexual freedom, Dines argues that porn’s omnipresence has become a public health concern we can no longer ignore.

Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth / Shelley Lubben
Shelley Lubben was a porn star. Now she tells the hardcore truth. In TruthBehind the Fantasy of Porn, former porn actress Shelley Lubben rips the seductive mask off of pornography and exposes the hardcore truth behind the "greatest illusion on earth". Her spectacular journey from childhood sexual abuse to prostitution to the deadly unglamorous realm of porn sets,Shelley is brutally honest about her past. But that's not all. Having escaped the porn industry at 26, Shelley now shares her powerful story of redemption offering a message of hope to the entire world. The first ever book exposing the "secret" side of porn, Shelley wants you to know the hardcore truth. Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women and the millions of porn addicts who can't stop clicking. But you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Paid for: My Journey Through Prostitution/Rachel Moran (Autor)
Rachel Moran takes us where no readers have ever gone: into the deep hell of being prostituted... Anyone who believes sex work is chosen or a job like any other should read Paid For for its exposure of misinformation and myths alone. But the book is more: Moran writes so well that her story will scorch your heart....--Robin Morgan
This is not an easy read. What I mean by that is, the content of this book does not make easy reading. Many of us worldwide are looking away to see not the truth about prostitution and to have been well and truly taken in by the patriarchal propaganda that has been fed the life of all females on this planet. This book opened the eyes of all of us to the evil truth behind the lies. For that I thank you, Rachel Moran. I will also be recommending your book to everyone and I will do whatever I can to further your cause to help your hopes become reality.

The Politics of Cruelty /Kate Millett (Author) From one of the most influential figures of the last twenty years—the author of Sexual Politics—comes this brilliant work in which Kate Millet sets out a new theory of politics for our time, a harrowing view of the modern state based on the practice of torture as a method of rule, as conscious policy.
It is, in the words of the noted Iraqi dissident Kanan Makiya, "a passionate, heroic effort to fathom the nature of a phenomenon that all too often drains us emotionally and incapacitates us intellectually."
Millett analyzes the individual's monumental fear of the state through the rich literature of its expression—a mixture of literary text (Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago, Mathabane's Kaffir Boy, Bharadwaj's film Closet Land), the reports of witnesses, legal theory, and historical account. The literary version of their experience is the most arresting; it prevails and persuades with the greatest effect: the reality of the victim, the social and psychological climate of life under dictatorship, the moment of capture when one is "disappeared," that pivotal electronic second after which nothing is ever the same.

YEARS of SHAME: FGM Survivor & Other True Stories /Wanjiru Warama (Author) YEARS of SHAME tells the story of a young Kenyan girl's family's decision that she should undergo the traditional ritual circumcision to mark her movement from childhood into adulthood. But the event affects far more than her physical body. The psychological effects are much more traumatic with long lasting negative impact. Even a move from Africa to the United States does not erase the impact since she must again and again face doctors who haven't experienced the medical or psychological complications. Instead of finding support, she finds misunderstanding and she feels prejudice.
Wanjiru Warama's novella compassionately conveys Njana's, the protagonist's, story, sprinkling it with commentary to explain the ritual to the audience. Though reluctant to admit what was done to her because of the shame she feels, Njana is forced to turn to medical professionals whose lack of understanding only add to her discomfort. In the end, while I felt I empathized with Njana, I know I can never fully understand the depth of her feelings. But is empathy enough?

Up for Sale: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery/ Alison Marie Behnke (Author)
"Trafficking thrives in the shadows. And it can be easy to dismiss it as something that happens to someone else, somewhere else. But that is not the case. Trafficking is a crime that involves every nation on earth, and that includes our own."―US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2009
Human trafficking is as old as slavery and continues to be practiced in the modern world. Victims of human traffickers include workers in restaurants and in garment factories, maids and nannies in the homes of wealthy families, child sex workers, beggars on the street, boy soldiers, even infants kidnapped for foreign adoptions. Women and children are more likely to be coerced or seized than men and boys, especially if they are poor and uneducated. Traffickers sell their victims for their bodies or for their labor and reap an enormous profit. Human trafficking is estimated to be a $30 to $45 billion industry on an annual basis, rivaling weapons and drug trafficking as one of the most profitable criminal undertakings in the world.
Up for Sale takes a hard look at human trafficking, identifying perpetrators and telling the stories of victims through their own words. You'll discover why some people become vulnerable to trafficking and you'll read about what their lives are like on a daily basis. You'll also meet some of the courageous individuals and organizations working to free people from lives in bondage so that, in the words of US president Barack Obama, each person can "forge a life equal to [their] talents and worthy of [their] dreams."

The Creation of Patriarchy / Gerda Lerner
A major new work by a leading historian and pioneer in women's studies, The Creation of Patriarchy is a radical reconceptualization of Western civilization that makes gender central to its analysis. Gerda Lerner argues that male dominance over women is not "natural" or biological, but the product of an historical development begun in the second millennium B.C. in the Ancient Near East. As patriarchy as a system of organizing society was established historically, she contends, it can also be ended by the historical process.
Focusing on the contradiction between women's central role in creating society and their marginality in the meaning-giving process of definition and interpretation, Lerner explores such fascinating questions as: What can account for women's exclusion from the historical process? What could explain the long delay--more than 3,500 years--in women's coming to consciousness of their own subordinate position? She goes back to the cultures of the earliest known civilizations--those of the ancient Near East--to discover the origins of the major gender metaphors of Western civilization. Using historical, literary, archaeological, and artistic evidence, she then traces the development of these ideas, symbols, and metaphors and their incorporation into Western civilization as the basis of patriarchal gender relations.

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm / Anne Koedt
Man-Made Myths About the Female Body Have Led to Centuries of Bad Sex! The erasure of the clitoris from the study of anatomy is one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history. Our Bodies, Our Lives
The male sex lies are responsible for forced, painful, humiliating, sometimes dangerous and fatal sex and intercourse in partnerships, marriages, pornography, prostitution, in so-called date rapes, also responsible for child marriages and FGM. Sexual intercourse seems normal in relationships but it isn't. Sexual intercourse only satisfies the man, for the woman it is an up and down with dangerous contraception, abortions, genital injuries and infections, unwanted pregnancies, dangerous and sometimes fatal births. Only one person has fun, the man and the woman should still have fun with this misery, even if they are underage or genitally mutilated. A pretty perverse patriarchal world, isn't it?

If we were sometimes silly, we were also wise enough to know that understanding and taking control of our bodies was a first step to taking control of our lives. In 1973, the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective turned its 193-page, 75-cent pamphlet “Women and Their Bodies” into the book Our Bodies, Ourselves, and for the first time, women all over the United States could read about our own mysterious inner (and outer) workings. (Today, resources based on OBOS exist in 30 languages.) That same year, the Feminist Press reissued Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English’s booklet from Glass Mountain Pamphlets, Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Female Healers, about the hidden European and American history of medicine by and for women.

Taking control of our bodies went beyond reading and writing, though. Feminists opened their own clinics in the 1970s, where women could get health care and information from practitioners who didn’t condescend to their patients and who made experiences like getting a pap smear, a test for cervical cancer, as comfortable and noninvasive as possible.

And in the days before home pregnancy tests and before the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal, feminists learned how to end unwanted pregnancies as safely as possible. They also learned and taught each other how to perform “menstrual extractions” (terminations of early pregnancies) and even full abortions. In Chicago, the underground Abortion Counseling Service of Women’s Liberation (better known as “Jane”) provided referrals to illegal abortion providers and later learned how to do it themselves, performing perhaps as many as 11,000 such procedures. A film about Jane’s work is still available today. It took until 1998 the Australian urologist Helen O’Connell published a definitive description of the clitoris, with an accurate drawing, including all of its internal and external structures, revealing that it has three times the nerve endings of the homologous structure in men, the penis. That’s right; it was only a couple of decades ago that the true structure of the clitoris was finally known. We had Betty Dodson’s drawings to show us that, in fact, our genitals are as beautiful and varied as our faces.

I wish young women still felt that way, but if the online ads for labiaplasty are any guide, many of them are unhappy indeed about the shape of the inner and outer lips of their vaginas. They want them to have the “clamshell” look of a prepubescent girl’s (or a porn star’s) vulva, with no fluted, flowery edges protruding. One local plastic surgery purveyor in my area explains why women might choose to have their inner lips sliced off to look like the ones they’ve seen on Pornhub.com:

Many women are bothered by labia minora (inner lips) that are stretched or asymmetrical, while others may feel self-conscious of large or sagging labia majora (outer lips). Still other women may wish to augment their labia majora with fat grafting for a more pronounced appearance. These procedures, which may be performed together, are highly customizable. Our surgeons adjust their surgical techniques to suit your specific wishes.

Our genitals are ugly but the genitals of men are great, what nonsens!!!!!

The results of all men made myths and lies is: we women and girls have the badest sex ever in mankinds history, because we must show lust and fun when we were humilated, raped, abused, tortured. If we show not that feelings, men have today the right to say that we are frigid and mad women. What a shame in our century! I tell you bad and hurting sex and intercourse is rape and abuse, even in cases you have that sex with your husband, friend, partner. exual freedom has become another realm of women’s experience for patriarchy to conquer. The right for women to escape the passive sexual role obliged of them by culture – the imperative to do so in the cause of women’s liberation – is at the heart of Greer’s demands in her 1970 manifesto, The Female Eunuch. In the world the book depicts of the lonely housewife “staring at the back of her husband’s newspaper”, a realised female sexuality is a militant act of revolt. The restrictions placed on female agency at the time – especially through the institution of marriage, which women entered younger and were less enfranchised to leave than now – are staggering to imagine. Only in 1965 did married women in France obtain the right to work without their husbands’ consent. In Australia, married women could not apply for passports without their husband’s approval until 1983. Britain did not make marital rape illegal until 1991. Where once the patriarchal structures of cultural production were censorious of women’s sexuality in film, art, literature, now the depiction of it is hypersexualised and explicit – but the structures of production remain just as patriarchal.

The flipside to the destigmatisation of sex for women has been a sense of patriarchal entitlement to sex with women, which is why the painful conversation about consent in our new era of “freedom” must be confronted. One in 10 women, as opposed to one in 70 men, report they’ve been coerced into sex, the vast majority by an intimate partner.

Those doubting the assumptions informing the delicate and dangerous reality of the new sexual era need only read the studies quoted in Lili Loofbourow’s recent chilling analysis in The Week: the price of male pleasure is indeed the value of female pain. And ubiquitous female sexualisation has manifested a reality in which young women find themselves in unwittingly sexualised situations all the time. Young women are right to feel that destigmatised sex has enhanced their traditional patriarchal status as sex objects, not liberated them from it. And for men I can say: the younger women who work for you don’t want to date you; do not want to be your soul mate; do not want to go to icecream with you; do not want to be your partner. The patriarchal backlash is already mobilising its lawyers, and defenders. The fight ahead wants unity, not a failure to either remember women’s past, or apply imagination to their present.

For women and girls, the right to control their own bodies and their sexuality without any form of discrimination, coercion, or violence is critical for their empowerment. Without sexual rights, they cannot realize their rights to self-determination and autonomy, nor can they control other aspects of their lives. Indeed it is the attempts to control women’s and girls’ sexuality that result in many of the human rights abuses they face on a daily basis, including gender-based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and limitations on their mobility, dress, education, employment, and participation in public life. The same holds true for lesbians, gay men, bisexual people, transgender people, sex workers, and others who transgress sexual and gender norms and who face greater risk of violence, stigma, and discrimination as a result. It is clear: sexual rights underpin the enjoyment of all other human rights and are a prerequisite for equality and justice.
The reality looks different. Girls and women around the world are oppressed, enslaved, humiliated and denied their elementary rights to freedom, integrity, education, professional practice, contraception and family planning, free choice about their lives and bodies, equal pay for equal work, a fear-free life without male violence and femicides .

In truth, there is a daily threat to women and girls worldwide through FGM, child and forced marriages, domestic and sexual violence and harassment, child abuse, forced and child prostitution, violence and child pornography, war and group rape, femicides, honor and dowry killings, Witch and widow murders, sex slavery and human trafficking, forced veiling, degrading school and university dress codes, violence against pregnant women and giving birth in clinics, accusation, execution such as stoning, incarceration, punishment and exclusion of female victims of violence.

Sexual harassment and humiliation towards women and girls in public places, on public transport, in school, university and work, as well as rape and sexual torture such as date rape, martial rape, military rape, police rape, prison rape, are just as natural for men and boys . This contempt for women and girls becomes clear in sexist advertising and contempt for women in films and music.
It is also particularly worrying that men and boys do not have the slightest feeling for female people when it comes to male sexual satisfaction. From my membership in women's and girls' rights organizations as well as from my circle of acquaintances, friends, colleagues and relatives, I know how often women and girls are sexually humiliated. Young acquaintances described to me how some alleged admirers had a BDSM suitcase ready at the first meeting or how an alleged friend became verbally and physically violent after a few days because the young women did not want painful BDSM torture sex. It is also common for many men in partnerships to rape women and girls in their sleep, mostly anally or vaginally, to remove the condoms during sex and then to beat the women and mostly underaged girls if they have become pregnant or have contracted infections such as AIDS or genital warts . These men also have no remorse when they ram their penis into the mouth of women without being asked, causing vomiting, damage to the mouth, throat and teeth, or switching from vaginal intercourse to anal intercourse without being asked, with heavy bleeding, pain and pain for women Inflicting injuries.
If women and girls do not find it hot and do not reach orgasm in the process, they are insulted as unfeminine frigid sluts. Men always forget that women do not need sexual intercourse with men to orgasm. Men have simply forced their own sex lives on women and girls, with dire consequences for women such as dangerous contraception, pregnancy and childbirth, painful infections and genital, anal and oral injuries. The pinnacle of male inhumanity is that they naturally smear the bodies, faces and hair of girls and women with their fish-stinking sperm and then accuse the girls and women of stinking of fish.
I wonder what God thought of inventing a race like men and I think there is only one answer, God is a man himself or ...

Until that is not changed in the future, women, girls and childs are only fuckholes and sperm toilets for men and boys. That is a very, very sad fact!

Anita Kanitz, Stuttgart, Germany
3 months ago
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