We want Yuvraj Singh back!

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The man who gave India prestigious accolades & brought tremendous pride and respect to our nation, the man who gave us six sixes in six balls, the man who beat cancer and came back to fight for his country on the field - Yuvraj Singh.

The man has not been selected to play and is regarded as unfit by BCCI this year, Yuvraj has always given us energetic, breath-taking & spine-chilling victories even after cancer and his performances have always been game-changing even in the recent played matches.

Yuvraj Singh, deserves to play for INDIA. We as a country must remember that all that is being done by newcomers & rising cricketers - has been already done by Yuvi and he has created history not just once but uncountable times.

We want to see Yuvraj Singh smash the game once again by playing for India. Let's pledge to get the champ back in the big game.

Like Yuvi says : YOU-WE-CAN!