Sack virat kohli from India cricket team's captain post

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Due to the arrogance of Virat Kohli Indian cricket team lost such a great cricketer, administrator and knowledgeable coach as its coach.

Kumble is the one who changed the fate of the team to become No 1 in Test cricket again.

He is the who brought in Indian cricket team to good shape to become the finalist in champions trophy after losing so many one day internationals during last year.

He is the one who made it a rule for every injured cricketer to play a Ranji game compulsory before making a come back to the team.

He is the one who made right changes in the team to bring in proper balance in the team.

While this cricketer Kohli who doesn't have a little brain to make bowling changes when your bowlers are being hit for runs, who doesn't have brain to pick team going with 2 non performing spinners in the finals while before 7 days the pacers restricted them with in 164. A cricketer who became captain of ODI team not more than a year before will decide who will be coach.

A captain who doesnt have any regret losing champions trophy to their arch rivals but making fun and entertaining the opposition with his funny side have no rights to carry such a dignitary position of this country. Think about this would you have allowed some so indiscipline and no regards for the emotion of the people of this country to lead our country to any where in the world ?

So, please sign this petition so that it will reach BCCI for them to open their deaf ears and blind eye to take the decision to clear the fungus from root rather applying pathces and bandages on top.