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Eliminate the 5 Hours of Frees Soft Cap

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The following description reflects the current state of the policy. 

There is a lot of important information that I covered with Mr. Davis last week that I should share with all of you.

I first want to go over what Mr. Davis stated was the initial intention of the policy. He said that when administration first created the policy, the intention of it was to affect the outliers among the student body who have 10+ frees along with lunch. He said that there were multiple practical and technical issues with students having that much free time that range from New Jersey laws, to local district funding. To first combat the problem of students having a lot of frees, guidance was told to specifically address these students, but because they had no official guidelines, they could not dictate what was acceptable in an individual schedule. Mr. Davis said that because of this problem, they had to attach a numerical value to the policy in order for it to be applied by the guidance and scheduling departments.

Is this policy currently enforced as a hard cap?

The short answer is no. The administration's official stance on each individual's schedule stands as it was before. They will NOT force anyone to take classes, and they will consult each student individually regarding their schedule. I cannot stress this next part enough. If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule, go to your guidance counselor. They will still accommodate for your individual needs. Do not feel pressured to take additional classes if you do not want to.
If a numerical value must be applied to make this policy even work, why did they choose 5?

The number of 5, although mostly arbitrary, was chosen as a sort of cover by the administration for 3rd party onlookers. They do not want to be accused of having their students doing nothing for large periods of the day by local districts, the state government, and other institutions. However, I still believe that this number is not fair for the vast majority of BCA students which is why I am going to be negotiating with the administration to increase the number of frees in the soft cap.
I don't need to tell anyone here about the benefits of frees and why I believe they are necessary for the culture and atmosphere in BCA. Over the next couple weeks, I am going to work with the administration to collect scheduling data to create a much more fair and realistic number that both the students and administration and work with. This process may take a while due to the sheer amount of data that will need to be collected about schedules and activities. I look forward to updating everyone with any future developments.

If you have any other comments, questions or concerns, please post them in the comments as many other students may be thinking the same thing.

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