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Make Blair Hess a BC BroPro model deck

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Blair Hess. A skateboarder for life, he is a staple in skateboarding and a staple with BC Surf N' Sport - for over 20 years now. You have seen him doing art shows, skate contests and attending industry events.
Blair has skated for BC for 10 years as a team rider AND has worked there an additional 10 years. BC has a great shop deck program with almost all stores carrying a BC branded deck either with the shop logo AND/OR various Pro models from team riders from time to time. 
Blair is a skateboarder for Life.  Blair is BC for Life.

We, The Blair Has A Posse - want to see a BC HESS deck with his supplied artwork.We want a HESS deck from BC.   A Blair Hess model from BC MUST be done. 

WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO - > go to the link  and in the ''contact us'' box you tell them you want a blair hess bc deck!  '' i want a blair hess bc deck now! ''

Please sign the petition, and share it on your facebook / twitters.

#makeBlairPro  #BCHESS #BCBLAIR 

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Blair Has A posse needs your help with “BC Surf N' Sport / Bruce Cromartie: Get Blair Hess a BC Pro/Bro model shop deck”. Join Blair Has A posse and 267 supporters today.